• JAIPUR KALA CHAUPAL in Jaipur, India

From October 19th to November 4th 2017 I will be working in India in residence at the Hotel Diggi Palace in Jaipur. This is an artist residency opportunity to work and exhibit in Jaipur, as part of the Jaipur Kala Chaupal festival. I will post updates on the experience.

• Small oil studies. As a counterpoint to the studies in grey, in 2013 I composed a series of twelve small oil paintings on panels, using thick oil paint and rich colours. Abstract, delicious, sumptuous, delirious. Made in Ottawa.
Calamity 2013
oil on panel, 30.5 x 25.4 cm
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From July 29th to September 14th 2013 I was working in The Netherlands in residence at Wander Studio. This was a guest studio opportunity where I undertook a study of Dutch painting, partook of local art in The Hague, breathed in the character and atmosphere of European ambiance, rode around on a bicycle, and searched for the elusive Dutch Grey.