Small Breath Paintings

Created between 2015 and 2018, these paintings are lyrical and poetic compositions intended to be capable of being apprehended in a short period of time, but also to reward attention and long contemplation.  Haiku poetry has been described as single breath poems. These works are proposed as small breath paintings, simplified in terms of their number of elements, incorporating geometric forms, gestures and fluid washes; drawing and designing tension in abstract balances, colour contrasts and harmonies. The paintings are small essays of light, gravity, and quivering energy, each accompanied by a written interpretive poem.

Each painting is 33 x 33 inches (84 x 84 cm), acrylic paint on canvas

PDF version available on Google Drive, click here.

everything begins with a breath
this is an old song
an early song
resonating lines, shimmering
silver shines
  keep breathing
  keep breathing
  keep breathing

like the breath of grey morning light
like dawn 
in love with the world

curtain of water
torrential blue stream flowing
toward darkness
with hope 
in despair
water flows
water flows
water flows

this quiet painting, 
somehow constructed
in balance, softness, restraint.

even that slow curve
a vessel, a container, 
a possibility not yet imagined.

linger there, rest and listen,
make a model for the world,
perform an equation of peace.

vibration of red 
the sound of floriated pyrrole reds
sinuous forms resonating

like waves of gravity
like a boat wake of colour forms
like dark and light
red like life

a constellation 
infinite light 
dissolved in moist colours, darkening
raining  dripping
quietly  randomly
soft sounds
grey space
nothing to do

dying every day
what a useless miserable life
yet, lifted up momentarily
by the glitter of light in dark affection
impatient through erasures 
and annihilations
tired, then sorry,
sure of oblivion.

sound of light
yellow glittering bright 
warm tremors
surprise  echo  echo  
reverberate  chime  tremble  vibrate
the corners rhyming in colour
lilting tilting
edges walls fences

sonorous solar suspension
fragrant gentle 
audible light

gentle drumming
twisting turning thrumming
faintest fluttering
vaguely about the sound of dancing
a passing treble of time
rising hope in a green arc
after the words were spoken
after the sound of the drum
after the wind died down
after all